Any Questions? Read Our FAQ.


Are your products gift boxed?

The 4-sided ornaments are individually boxed using a brown chipboard box. Mini animals are 2 to a box. Gift boxes are not provided for any other products.

What color of ribbon is used on the ornaments?

We use a dark chocolate brown ribbon on all of our ornaments unless otherwise specified on the order. Red is available upon your request.

What kind of wood do you use?

All of our products are manufactured using veneer hardwood with a MDF core. We typically use Alder, Maple, Walnut, and Aspen for the majority of our products.

Do you sell your product directly to the public?

No. We are a wholesale manufacturer and sell to retail stores only. If you have an interest in a product, e-mail us and we will locate a store in your area.

What are your minimums?

Most of our products have a minimum order of 4 per item with multiples of 2. The exception to this policy are earrings with a minimum of 2 per item. We also have a total minimum order of $100.

Are your products made in the USA?

Yes! All of our products are manufactured and assembled in Watertown, South Dakota.

Do you offer custom name dropping?

Yes! The majority of our products can be name dropped as you wish. Most of our customers like to name drop the city and/or state as it adds value to the product.

What does it cost to custom name drop?

Name dropping is a service that we offer free of charge. Minimum order of 4 per item does apply.

Will you design custom products specifically for my area?

Yes! We can manufacture products that are designed specifically for your particular area or destination. Many times we can utilize the art work that we have to develop a custom product for you, or we can start from scratch and design a product that best suits your destination. The majority of our regular successful customers have had products designed specifically for them. Please contact us for further information on custom designs.

Do your photo frames have glass?

No. We do not offer glass for any of our souvenir or photo frames.

Do your photo frames have easels?

Yes, the 4×6 souvenir frames have an attached easel back that opens to install your photo or post card. The mini frames have a detached wooden easel available. The magnet photo frames and snowflake frames are not supplied with an easel.